Java Tutorial

/* <applet code=\"exBarChart\" height=300 width=350>

   <param name =\"totcol\" value=\"4\">

   <param name = \"c1\"  value = \"110\">
   <param name = \"c2\"  value = \"150\">
   <param name = \"c3\"  value = \"100\">
   <param name = \"c4\"  value = \"170\">
   <param name = \"lbl1\"  value = \"1991\">
   <param name = \"lbl2\"  value = \"1992\">
   <param name = \"lbl3\"  value = \"1993\">
   <param name = \"lbl4\"  value = \"1994\">

   </applet> */

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;

   public class exBarChart extends Applet
                  int n=0;
                  String label[];
                  int value[];

          public void init(){        
                        n = Integer.parseInt(getParameter(\"totcol\"));
                        label = new String[n];
                        value = new int[n];

                  label[0] = getParameter(\"lbl1\");
                  label[1] = getParameter(\"lbl2\");
                  label[2] = getParameter(\"lbl3\");
                  label[3] = getParameter(\"lbl4\");

                  value[0] = Integer.parseInt(getParameter(\"c1\"));
                  value[1] = Integer.parseInt(getParameter(\"c2\"));
                  value[2] = Integer.parseInt(getParameter(\"c3\"));
                  value[3] = Integer.parseInt(getParameter(\"c4\"));
                  }  catch(Exception e) {}

          public void paint(Graphics g){
                for (int i=0;i<n ;i++ )
                      g.drawString(\"    \" +value[i],value[i]+50,(i*50)+30);


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