Java Tutorial

/*  Write a program to draw Polygon Graph with given data  */

/* <applet code=\"polyGraph\" height=400 width=500>  
   </applet>  */

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;

public class polyGraph extends Applet
       public void paint(Graphics g){
           Dimension d = getSize();
           int canvasheight = d.height;

           int x[] = {0,60,120,180,240,300,360,420};
           int y[] = {0,120,180,260,340,340,300,180};

           //In order to converting java coordinate system to 
           //normal coordinate system, we transform the Y values
           //to N - Y where N is the height of the display area (canvas).

           for (int i=0;i<y.length ;i++ )
                   y[i] = canvasheight - y[i];

           int totPoints = x.length;   //To find total points in Array



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