Java Tutorial

import java.util.*;

class  Inventory
    static DataInputStream din = new DataInputStream(;
    static StringTokenizer st;
    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException
           DataOutputStream dos = new DataOutputStream(
                          new    FileOutputStream(\"Invent.txt\"));

           //Reading from the console
           System.out.print(\"Enter code number : \");
           st = new StringTokenizer(din.readLine());
           int code = Integer.parseInt(st.nextToken());

           System.out.print(\"Enter Item : \");
           st =new StringTokenizer(din.readLine());
           int item = Integer.parseInt(st.nextToken());

           System.out.print(\"Enter Cost of Item : \");
           st =new StringTokenizer(din.readLine());
           double cost = new Double(st.nextToken()).doubleValue();

           //Writing to the file Invent.txt

           //processing data from the file
           DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream( new 
           int codeNumber = dis.readInt();
           int  totalItems = dis.readInt();
           double itemCost = dis.readDouble();
           double totalCost = totalItems * itemCost;

           //Writing to Console
           System.out.println(\"\\nCode Number : \" + codeNumber);
           System.out.println(\"Item cost          : \" + itemCost);
           System.out.println(\"Total Items       : \" + totalItems);
           System.out.println(\"Total Cost         : \" + totalCost);

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