Oracle Tutorial


Basic Oracle Tutorial


Step 1


Those of you have already worked with SQL Server, you might know that SQL Server express is free edition which includes 10GB of storage per database and allows to do easy backup and restore functionality. Similarly we have Oracle Database Express Edition which is free and allow us to create create database which can store up to 11GB of user data, so lets get started by installing Oracle database express edition.

Step 2

Download Oracle Database 11g Express Edition

Visit and Download Oracle Database 11g Express Edition

Step 3


After download extract the zip file and click on \"Setup.exe\" to start installation. It is a wizard type interface so click \"Next\" and follow the instructions.

Step 4


Choose destination location and click \"Next\". I would recommend to use default destination location, so do not change anything and click \"Next\"

Step 5


Specify Database Passwords This is important step. Please choose appropriate password you want for your database administrator account. By default database administrator username will be \"system\" and password will be one you are going to enter in below screen.

Step 6


You are all set, press on \"Install\" button and wait for installation to complete.

Step 7


After installation is complete click on \"Finish\" button.

Step 8


Now, to make sure that everything is installed correctly, open command prompt.

Start > Run > cmd > Type command \"sqlplus\" and you will be prompt for username and password.

Please enter username as \"system\" and password you have created while installation.

Step 9


Run a very basic oracle sql statement to find system date.

Select sysdate from dual;

And That\'s it, everything is working great. Now in next article we will see how to install GUI tool for oracle. (IDE for running sql commands for oracle).

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