Oracle Tutorial


Basic Oracle Tutorial


Step 1

Oracle SQL Developer is GUI tool which gives you Interface in which you can run sql commands and perform oracle operations without writing sql scripts.

Before installing Oracle SQL Developer you must check whether Java development kit (JDK) is already installed on your system, If it is not installed then please installed. (Please note it is Java SE Development Kit 6u33, since I am doing it on Windows 7 64 bit I have choose jdk-6u33-windows-x64.exe)

Download and install 64-bit Java 6 JDK

Step 2


Installing Java Development Kit (JDK). Click \"Next\"

Step 3


Click \"Next\"

Step 4


Please wait while installation is complete.

Step 5


Click on \"Finish\" button to complete JDK Installation

Step 6

Download Oracle SQL Developer

Ones you have downloaded Oracle SQL Developer as mentioned in step 1, now extract the zip file and rename the folder \"sqldeveloper\" to \"OracleSQLDev\" (Renaming folder is not required but I will recommend doing that to avoid confusing folder name)

Copy \"OracleSQLDev\" folder to your C Drive [C:] for easy access.

Step 7


Goto C:\OracleSQLDev

Double click on \"sqldeveloper.exe\"

Enter the full pathname for java.exe in prompt dialog box. (Please Note: Path of JDK - Java.exe and NOT java runtime java.exe)

Path for Java.exe - C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_33\bin\Java.exe (This path may be different based on your installation)

Step 8


That\'s it you are done.

Step 9


Now let\'s configure Oracle SQL Developer.

File > New > Database Connection


Select New Connection by expanding little plus sign as shown in figure.

Step 10


In New database connection dialog box enter information as explained under.

Connection Name: You can choose any, since we have installed a sample HR schema which we are trying to connect, I will be using name \"HR Schema\"

Username: HR, since username for HR schema is \"HR\"

Password: Enter password as you have choose for HR schema while creating HR Schema.

Check Save Password

Let the default settings unchanged as shown in figure and click on Test button, it will show Status: Success

Now Press \"Connect\" button

Step 11


You can now notice that left pane of Oracle SQL Developer has filled with tables, views, etc. You can expand each of them and perform operation right inside this tool.

You will also noticed that running queries is also user friendly.

Step 12


Type the query

Select * from employees

And hit \"F9\" key

That\'s it you are all set to explore oracle.

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